“Technical, product, and application knowledge have been of the highest importance to me and my business associates throughout my career. Education, training, and experience lead to learning and competency. I believe that it is in the best interests of everyone to work for, work with, sell to, and buy from competent people.”


Our company and the technologies that we apply have undergone radical transformations since our founding by Bob and Marie Kraft in 1972. Our approach has not. We have always been dedicated to supporting our customers’ success by maintaining a highly trained team and integrating premium, technology-leading products from the best suppliers in our industry.

From the transition to load-sensing hydraulics, digital machine controls, and electrification and hybridization of machines, we and our supplier partners have used our expertise to help our customers integrate the latest technological advancements into their equipment to maintain their competitive edge and sell more machines.

bob and marie
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This has also meant transformations to the services that we offer. Kraft became Danfoss’ first authorized build center in the U.S. so that we could leverage our investment into inventory to flexibly support all customers’ demands. We became part of the inaugural group of Plus+1 integrators so that we could help our customers to offer advanced electronic controls on their machines and keep pace with their larger competitors. We have supported machine electrification since the late 1990s when it first became clear that there was a growing need for electrically powered mobile equipment to serve the needs of the market.

The future of Kraft is exciting.

While we will always uphold the values and traditions that have made us who we are, we must always embrace change. Kraft Mobile System’s focus is on offering fully integrated system solutions to our customers, so we must continuously explore emerging technologies and expand our capabilities to support our customers’ changing needs.”