The Kraft Way

The “Kraft Way” is a customer-focused four-step process that drives how we work together. It is what makes us different and what keeps customers coming back to us time and time again. This process begins by listening to our customers and collectively defining their needs and what they value, then advances to development, production, and lifecycle support.

This is the philosophy behind the Kraft Way.

Our Process

Define Your Value

We take the time to understand the work your machine needs to perform, the machine design, its performance requirements, how your customers will use it, the environment it will be used in, positives and pain points of the current solution, how the machine is controlled, what the operator interface should look like, and more.

kraft way process

Develop Your Integrated System

We translate all input and requirements into a system that accomplishes your needs, including system design, sizing of components, component selection, physical layout/design, and software creation.

kraft way process

Prove the Solution

After the “on paper” design work is done, heavy engineering support continues as we bring the machine to production readiness. The physical realities of interacting mechanical and electronic systems almost always drive changes and improvements throughout the prototyping process. We work through the entire dynamic machine design process, prototype, initial start-ups, modifications of design, and software based on initial physical builds.

kraft way process

Innovate and Support Throughout the System Lifecycle

Machines have long production lifecycles and require years of ongoing support and customer service to keep production running and address any issues that arise. The solutions we develop to address your needs include how we can best support you throughout the entire lifecycle of the machine. This includes production support, order planning, inventory management, design updates, feature additions, and warranty support and service to all our customers.

kraft way process

We don't just provide parts.

We engineer completely integrated system solutions that drive market success.